Why Home Fengshui?

Your home should be a place of rest. A place where you can recover and feel ready to conquer the world the next day, but yet for some of us, it seems to be the source of stress instead. Inauspicious Chi or (negative energy) in the house can be the root of negativity.

6 Signs of Bad Chi or negative energy:


Never feeling well rested despite having enough sleep every night. No matter how much you sleep, you still feel fatigued.


Having your talents and achievements gone unrecognized in your place of work, despite dedicating so much time and effort there.


Constant and inexplicable stress and pressure that occasionally builds up to panic attacks.


Falling ill often despite a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise routine.


Finding it difficult to save money despite being prudent and cautious with your finances. Oftentimes meeting with events that catches you off guard and severely damages your financial stability.


Facing difficulty keeping harmony and peace within the household.


Home Audit

The objective of the Home Fengshui Audit is to improve the sources of any negative energy and to activate the good areas by harnessing positive energy from the Chi flow. The techniques of San He Fengshui (三合地理风) & Xuan Kong Fengshui (三元玄空飞星) are used to diagnose and give recommendations to improve the flow of auspicious energy or Chi within the house.

We want to help you:


Increase wealth and career opportunities


Improve the health of you and your family


Improve the relationship between you and your loved ones


Improve the status of your fame and reputation


Improve your children’s acedemic achievement and mental focus


Best Time for Assessing Fengshui

The best time for a home Fengshui assessment, is before you make your purchase! It is crucial to analyze which unit is the best for you before making a decision. The external environment and landforms surrounding your dream home also determines the capacity of Fengshui within the new apartment and how much you and your family can benefit from it. From the elevations, river formations, landforms, nearby structures, entrances and even lift areas, these factors can play an important role in determining the quality of Chi (Dragon’s Breath) that goes into the house or apartment. It is strongly advised to engage our services before deciding on a unit you wish to purchase.



We will first use the San He Landforms Fengshui techniques to help you assess your initial selections and sieve out the ones that are very negatively affected by the surroundings. We will then focus on evaluating the ones that have more potential. After all, the external landforms make up for about 55% of the Fengshui of your unit, while the internals only make up for 45%.

As mentioned, the Home Fengshui Assessment is best conducted before you purchase or rent a place to stay. Whether you are considering building up your new home from scratch, or selecting a new one, it is best to consult us before making any commitments. This is to ensure that the structure is able to conform to the best practical Fengshui Practices, in order to harness the auspicious Chi (positive energy) to achieve “heaven, earth, man divine trinity”, which will diminish any potential losses and grant you improved luck.

If you have already purchased the property prior to consulting us, and are looking to improve the Fengshui or Chi Flow of your current home, we are more than happy to help as well. A 360-degree view of the external factors such as the surrounding landforms, man-made structure forms, potential and existing sources of negative energy are taken into consideration for the audit. The audit particularly focuses on areas that could potentially create health, career and relationship issues for the occupants. Using the Xuan Kong Flying Stars technique and San He Fengshui technique, we can determine if the Chi (energy flow) for the period is beneficial to you. Some of the important factors would be the positioning of your main door, kitchen, master bedroom and even the study area or work desk, depending on how you spend your time in the house. Advice and recommendations on how to rectify potentially problematic areas will be shared in order to improve you and your family’s well-being, in all aspects. Whether it is in career prospects, health or wealth.



Each Home Fengshui Audit will also be coupled with a complementary Basic Bazi Reading which will consist of a short briefing of yours and your household’s occupants’ destiny on their Bazi Chart, their personality and favorable elements as well. The Home Fengshui Audit will then be suited to fit your Bazi to ensure that there is a balanced sharing of benefits of your home’s Fengshui amongst your entire household.

Our Home Fengshui Audit Process is as follows


On-site Fengshui Analysis


Diagnosing Negative Energy or Bad Chi


House Interior Form Analysis


Analysis of Main Door, Kitchen and Bedroom


Improve Wealth and Relationship Elements


A Report with all the recommendation sent in 10 working days.


Due to an increase in enquiries for M Fengshui services lately, do book us at least 2 weeks in advance in order to give us ample time to prepare for your assessment.


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