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Our Bazi personal analysis specializes in helping you, by offering sound wealth and career advice. 01. What your Strengths and Weaknesses are 02. What Career path is suitable for you 03.... Read more

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Our Bazi personal analysis specializes in helping you, by offering sound wealth and career advice.


What your Strengths and Weaknesses are


What Career path is suitable for you


Which instrument for financial investments should you use, should you invest in properties, stocks, trust funds or businesses


Who should you partner with to start a business, and what you should look out for

What you can expect


A report of your personality, strengths, weaknesses and 10-year cycles


A Bazi consultation session typically takes up to 30 minutes per person


Suitable industries


Your relationship with the people around you


Business opportunities


Potential health issues


Auspicious years


Helping you to breakthrough and succeed faster in life through recommendations


After your booking, we will revert within 3 business days to update you of the nearest availability

Other services we provide:


Helping couples understand their personalities before getting married as well as how to strengthen and improve the relationship


Helping couples understand their child’s personality profile as well as how to improve the relationship

Every Chart Can be Good or even Great

This is not something every Fengshui Consultancy will tell you but “Every Chart has the potential to be good”. Traditional masters like to categorize people into good charts or bad charts, then rationalize their behavior based on their charts. No right or wrong, after all this was what the Emperors used to do thousands of years ago. However, life is already tough, you don’t need another “death sentence” from anyone else, especially if they’re not the Emperor. M Fengshui believes that everyone has the potential to do great by their chart and it is true that everyone’s talents are different but everyone can accumulate great wealth in their own ways.

You are the Master of Your Destiny

If your consultant is unable to give you the right advice for your situation, it might simply be because they lack the experience in a particular field to be able to give you sound advice. Every consultancy has their area of specialty or expertise, not dissimilar to business consultants. Not every consultancy is suitable for every type of client, some are better for couples, while others are great for children. We, at M Fengshui specializes in giving career and wealth advice to young working adults.

Having worked with over 100 high net-worth individuals throughout our founder’s career. Something important that we have learnt is that not all of them have “Great Bazi Charts”. In fact, some of them had “weak charts” or “poor luck cycles”, clashes and harms. Some also lacked the “wealth” elements which many would feel is necessary for success. And yet they made it, and here are 7 key secrets of what made them outstanding.

7 Secrets That Made Them Outstanding

01. Focus

One thing they excel at is having an unwavering level of focus. Although some of them are abundantly gifted with different talents they are aware of what their true strengths are and are able to focus on 2, and at the very most 3 to develop. Through our consultations, you will be able to understand about your “Base Element”, and how the other elements present in your chart interact with your “Base Element” will somewhat determine your in-born talents and skillsets. (Other factors like luck cycle and life choices also play a part.) Through this exercise, you will gain some clarity into your in-born skillsets and talents. And as a result, have a clear idea on what to focus on.

02. Mastering a High-Value Skillset

These successful individuals decisively identify and develop skills that are of high-value when mastered. You could, for example be strong in both Process Orientation and Copywriting. If you were to do a search online, you will find that skilled copywriters are highly sought after. Hence if you are able to master a skillset that is highly sought after or of high-value, you will find that success will tend to favor you more.

03. They are Avid Learners

Another thing they have in common, is being able to pick up the habit of reading. The rationale behind it is simple. Whatever they lacked in their Natal Bazi Chart, they made up for by simply learning about them. Knowing your Chart and Talents will allow you to focus on what to read, as well as the skillsets to develop on.

04. Knowledge in investment

All of these successful individuals believed in investing. Now contrary to what you may have heard; That you shouldn’t invest based on your chart as you will lose money. It is a statement that we have heard many times at M Fengshui. And this is a complete fallacy stemming from the fact that not everyone has a good grasp of all the investment instruments available in the market. Through our experience, we will be able to recommend channels you could invest in that suits your strengths and talents through our reports.

05. Humility

All of them practiced many acts of humility despite their success. A great humble spirit attracts benefactors (in Fengshui we call them Nobleman stars), this in turn, allows them to further their learning and strengthen their position, especially in great times of need. Analyzing your chart in detail can allow us to review certain character flaws (tactfully of course). And how you can rectify them by being more mindful.

06. Discipline

A key trait that they shared as well is discipline. And Fengshui, takes discipline to execute. From seemingly trivial things like keeping your home or your office space neat tidy can pose as a challenge to the untrained or ill-discipline individual. Analyzing your chart in detail can review character flaws that will be pointed out (tactfully) so you can work on them through being mindful.

07. Ownership

The last trait that made these individuals outstanding, is their level of ownership. Whenever something goes wrong, you will never see them blame the circumstance that they were given, or the situation that they were found in. Rather, they will think; How they could’ve done better, and have they done all they could have to lead to a better outcome. And even if it was the circumstance that lead to their failure, they will still take full responsibility and ownership for it. They could’ve easily blamed their “Luck Cycle” but they didn’t and despite some of them having “bad luck cycles”, they still went on to achieve relatively good results in their businesses. M Fengshui believes that if you are able to tap into the good practices of Classical Fengshui; deliberate practice of mindfulness and meditation, you will be able to overcome weaknesses in your Chart and work against the odds.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where the odds are in your favor, and yet you do not take any action, then you will find that your goals will remain unachieved. Many people around have practiced Fengshui, but being able to take ownership and act on opportunities are what made these individuals who they are today. M Fengshui believes that everyone deserves a chance of achieving success and happiness. And we are more than happy to steer you towards the right path through our consultations.

Definition of Success

Everyone has different views of what true success really is; Be it amassing a large amount of wealth, being able to live happily and comfortably with the people they love, or simply being able to be truly happy. Regardless of what your view of success is, we are here to guide you to achieve the happiness you deserve.

Curious to find out more?

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M Fengshui is a Premium Fengshui Consultancy focusing on Traditional Chinese Metaphysics. We aim to empower you through practical Fengshui advice and statistics based on real life reports and case studies. Offering an honest and transparent price structure with no hidden costs as well as, providing you with clear, solution driven and well-structured reports and consultations. Providing customer centric services with sound, practical advice and daily responsiveness should you need to reach out to us. Our aim is ultimately, to bring you the benefits of good Fengshui with no intimidation and gimmicks. 


Modern – Honest, transparent prices. No hidden costs.

Motivation – Comprehensive, detailed reports. Clear action plan.

Mastery – Classical Fengshui. Real skills and practical solutions.  

Mindfulness – Responsive service. Respond emails and WhatsApp within 24 hours.

Meaningful – Testimonials. Trusted and proven cases studies.

Terms and Conditions

- No refunds will be given should there be any change of mind 1 week before the house visit, for home audits. 

- All payment will have to be upfront before any services are provided.

- Additional top-ups will be required if:

1. The wrong house-type was chosen

2. If the office size exceeds 2000sq ft. or is more than 1 storey.

3. Additional top-up of $68 per employee if any basic Bazi reading is required.

- Should there be any immediate signs of the pre-purchased house being a bad one i.e. Temple within the immediate vicinity, presence of a disruptive magnetic field. An admin fee of $188 will be required. 

- An admin fee of $88 per floorplan will be required if necessary 


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